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Is an experienced local travel agency for Costa Rica Vacations. For more than 15 years we have provided high standard ground services for individual tourists and groups, by designing creative products, itineraries and trips for all tastes.

Costa Rica is an amazing destination, but tourists can have a wide range of different motivations, preferences and budgets. In Discovery Costa Rica we are fully aware of that, so we have put together an efficient and committed team of professional trip advisors, ready to help you find the perfect travel program that fits all your expectations.

The best Costa Rica attractions and getaways, great deals, best things to do, exciting activities vacation packages and hotels in Costa Rica… we know it all !   And we put all that knowledge at your service.

Put your vacations in our hands, we know how important and valuable they are. In Discovery Costa Rica we don’t sell just trips… we create life experiences!!

… so check out our great packages (above),  or start making your wish list for a personalized itinerary with the following links:

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WELCOME TO COSTA RICA! This small Central American country nestled between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Costa Rica is known around the globe for its love of nature (ecotourism), warm hearted people and amazing bio-paradise. The beaches of Costa Rica are well known for their warm waters, the great waves for surfing and all the biodiversity you can find around. But beside the beaches we have to offer you all the wealth of the rain forest, the magic of the cloud forest, the strength from our volcanoes and the new energy our rivers have for you. Come and visit the happiest country on earth, we already have different travel packages or we can tailor made a special package for you. We know all the lodging secrets, from the all-inclusive resorts to the most pristine eco-lodges, Costa Rica is the ideal place for your vacations, do not think twice, visit us and enjoy the canopy, the rafting, the fishingand all the things to do you can find in the paradise.


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